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Mat 5:1 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: Mat 5:2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,


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Biblical messages and sermons available at

Abortion Through the Lens of History -This page gives information about abortion in the context of humanity's growth throughout history. 1

About the Bible -This page gives information about the Bible. 2

Baptism and Church Bullying -This page examines the issue of attaching baptism to church membership. 3

Bible -Here you can read the Bible online. 4

Books of the Bible -Here you can see a list of the books of the Bible. 5

The Clarity of the Deathbed -My final moments (or so I believed). What is important in life? What is the key to happiness? 40

Easter -This article examines Easter to determine if it is really a Christian holiday. 6

Friends and Family -This page gives the reader a basic understanding of what happens to people who sin out of ignorance. 7

God's Name -What is God's name, and how important is it that we get it right? This page takes a look at those questions and uses scripture to arrive at a Biblical conclusion. 8

God's Signature -This page examines the Fibonacci sequence which is sometimes called the signature of God. This is a great lesson for children and includes an online math game. 9

Halloween -This page examines the origins of Halloween from a Christian standpoint. 10

Homosexual Marriage -This page examines homosexual marriage from a Christian perspective. 11

Introduction to christmas -This page describes the origins of christmas. 12

The Jewish Sabbath -This page shows that the Sabbath is not only for the Jews and Israel. 13

A Living Wage -A simple way to increase wages for many of those who are not paid a living wage. 14

My Brother the Temple -A true short story about one person’s attempt to understand the purpose for mankind from a Biblical perspective. What does it mean to be a temple for God? 15

Noble Obligation -This is a brief message about what Christian behavior should look like. 16

Sabbath Series -The Sabbath series will answer all of your questions about the Sabbath. 17

Sabbath for who? -This article gives the reader a good understanding of who the Sabbath was created for. 18

Sabbath Objections -This article discusses some of the common objections to keeping the Sabbath. 19

Sermon on the Mount -This is the sermon that Jesus gave on the mount. 20

St. Patrick's Day -This article examines the origins of St. Patrick's Day. 21

The Law and the Commandments -The Law and the commandments takes a look at some of the differences between the Law of Moses and the Commandments of God. 22

The Lords day -This page gives the Biblical definition of the Lord's day and also takes a look at why many Christians worship on a day other than the Sabbath. 23

Biblical Marriage -This page examines the Bible to determine the Biblical definition of marriage. 24

Not What it Means to Me -This page shows why pagan holidays should not be kept by Christians. 25

Parenting Without Regrets -This page gives the reader some basic concepts to consider when parenting. 26

Prayer -This page gives the reader basic information about prayer as described in the Bible. 27

The Sabbath Defined -This page gives the Biblical Definition of the Sabbath. 28

Sacrificial System -There are five aspects to the sacrificial system. These are discipline, love, practicality, symbolism, and prophesy. This article addresses each of these aspects and explains the purpose behind the sacrificial system in the Bible. 29

Sex and Children -This page gives the reader a basic understanding of Biblical concepts to be used in sex education for children. 30

Ten Commandments -This message is about whether the Ten Commandments are still applicable to us today. 31

Tithing Dream Balloons -A fresh look at tithing. 41

Times and Laws -This message is about how and why the calendar that we now use came to be. It contains specific information about Biblical verses dealing with times and laws. 32

Two Laws -This message is about avoiding common pitfalls that Christians may face. 33

Unpardonable Sin -This page gives the reader a basic understanding of Unpardonable Sin. 34

Valentine's Day -This page examines the origins of Valentine's Day. 35

What is God? - The quest begins here with a look at many of the major religions of the world to find out what God is. 36

Which Bible is correct -This page takes a look at some of the differences between the different Bibles. 37

Who wrote the Bible? -This page has a list showing who wrote the books of the Bible and when they wrote them. 38

Young People -This page contains a special message for young people. 39