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Mat 18:14  Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.


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Abortion, Humanity, and History

This article takes a look at abortion in the context of humanity's growth throughout history.

Abortion Through the Lens of History

The victor’s fingers may at times tinker with the details of history, but his efforts are no match for the perfect clarity revealed when we peer through the crystal lens of history at humanity’s enduring legacies. One consistent and steadfast legacy humanity has left in the viewfinder of antiquity is an ever-increasing tendency toward compassion. In every circumstance throughout our former days when our fellow living creatures have been abused by the greed and selfishness of humanity, compassion has eventually raised her beautiful hands through the depravity in order to massage the hearts of mankind into a better and more loving organ. Through the tinkering of the Creator’s hand on the inner workings of mankind, humanity’s mind has been slowly transformed into a more peaceful machine leaning ever forward toward love and right judgment.

When the greed of the wealthy was fed off the back of their black brothers and sisters, humanity cried out, and hearts began to be changed. When the courts consistently upheld that barbaric and unjust institution of slavery, compassion raised her hands through the depravity and began massaging compassion into those hearts of stone. As the perpetrator of evil hastened toward an ever-crueler pinnacle, the granite hearts of humanity were being softened in like proportion. Specific unmentionable and unimaginable points of cruelty actually transformed marble-like hearts of stone into malleable mountains of empathy. For humanity in its whole can not endure the thought of the punisher’s lash or the enforcer’s ax as it falls on a man’s foot in punishment for that man running toward liberty, life, and freedom.

When razor wire and gas chambers extinguished the freedom, liberty, and life of millions of Jews, humanity again cried out. When the Third Reich reared its ugly head toward the ever-crueler pinnacle of extermination, compassion again raised her hands through the depravity and began massaging compassion into the hearts of much of the world. The hearts of humanity were again unitedly softened against the forces of evil as specific unmentionable and unimaginable points of cruelty were revealed. Much of the world raged on the side of evil, but good responded with greater force of arms, greater judgment, and most powerful of all empathy.

These are but two examples of humanity’s tendency toward compassion. The crystal lens of history reveals numerous times throughout our existence when the hearts of mankind have been massaged by compassion toward a greater ideal for civilization. This tendency toward improvement and a more mature existence is not limited to acts of love for our brothers and sisters but has routinely extended its empathetic embrace toward abused animals. On occasion, even plant species have been the beneficiaries of humanity’s grace.

If the thought of our brothers and sisters being in turmoil have throughout history stirred the hearts of man to act, and if compassion has also been rendered toward the beaten dog and the near-extinct plant, then history has proven already that compassion will again raise her beautiful hands for the wailing billions of unborn children who have had their lives extinguished before they could even take their first breath of air. She will again massage the heart of humanity, and God will tinker with the inner workings of mankind to render us empathetic to the cause of the most vulnerable among us. Some say animals are the most vulnerable because they are voiceless, but we can hear the whisperings of a wounded animal. The most vulnerable among us are the ones we cannot hear because their lungs have yet to take a breath of air. They are not seen, because they are yet in the womb. The unborn are the most vulnerable among the living. Humanity knows the unborn are among the living, for we protect them with societal conventions and with the rule of law. If a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, is she not shunned in society? Do onlookers not stand in disbelief when a pregnant woman smokes a cigarette? If a person murders a pregnant woman, is that person not charged with two murders? How then can the purposeful dismemberment of an unborn child be called a right of privacy rather than murder? No woodland creature reaches into its own womb and discards the life nourished there. Why then is humanity less compassionate than a wolf or a lion in this respect? What knowledge or right to privacy does mankind possess which nullifies the natural instinct of every living creature to preserve that living thing within its womb? Compassion will indeed raise her beautiful hands through the depravity again in order to massage the hearts of mankind into a better and more loving organ.

The lens of history reveals the impetus for setting compassion’s hands in motion is often a hastening toward an ever-crueler pinnacle. The hastening toward those cruel pinnacles associated with abortion has begun already. Humanity watched as one person introduced a bill to save caterpillars on the very day she was trying to loosen restrictions on late-term abortions. Humanity was shocked when lawmakers cheered passing a bill that normalized abortions for virtually any reason and that said abortion was simply a medical procedure. Humanity groaned when a governor who is also a pediatric neurologist spoke in favor of delivering a baby, resuscitating the baby if necessary, and then entering into a discussion about whether or not to kill that baby. The vast majority of humanity is not on board with this level of depravity. Most of humanity is not comfortable with the idea of killing a baby in or out of the womb. Compassion has been watching, and she is already raising her hands through the depravity to massage humanity’s heart so that it can recognize that abortion extinguishes a human life. God is revealing to mankind’s inner workings that abortion kills our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. Humanity is now being molded into something better. Humanity is reaching for yet another higher plane, and our enduring legacy will be to forever bury abortion in the pits of hell along with its counterparts: concentration camps and slavery. When future generations peer back through the crystal lens of history at humanity’s enduring legacy, they will see rejecting abortion as one more step in humanity’s consistent and steadfast journey forward toward compassion, peacefulness, love, and right judgment.

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