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1Co 4:21 What will ye? shall I come unto you with a rod, or in love, and in the spirit of meekness?


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I am a recovering alcoholic as well as a new Christian and without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would have never been delivered from alcoholism. I started drinking at a young age because of feeling very "empty and lonely", I didn't have many friends in school , I was poor growing up and people judged me for that so I kept to myself and began to spiral into a depression at the young age of thirteen, I didn't want to be awake or alive for that matter so I began to "self-medicate, I started drinking Nyquil because I knew it helped a person sleep, and things just progressed from there, I found myself lying and stealing just to be able to get a drink of anything...At around 17 I was arrested for the first time for public intoxication and again a few months later this behavior continued and at some point in time, I realized it was getting uncontrollable so I sought help....but not from Jesus Christ at this point, but from an institution, it didn't work....I was out and doing the same things as before. Years go by and I continue to drink so bad once that I was hospitalized for dehydration, and I continued to go to jail....countless times. I can't remember when, but I know that I got serious about wanting to change my life and this time I called on the Lord, I prayed and prayed for Him to take the desire to drink from me and it lessened and lessened and then one day, I didn't want it anymore. I asked Jesus to come into my heart and to fill me with His love and for His will to be done and not mine, I asked him to guide me in everything I do. Today I am saved by His blood and ask him to let me be a light to others who are without hope and struggling with addictions. Jesus does not leave us nor does he is us that turn away from him. I was a drunk and was delivered....Seek his face and his presence, because he will accept you just the way you are.....and then he will break you and fix the broken pieces, he will mold you into what he wants you to be. I'm no longer an alcoholic in Gods eyes!!! Come as you are and He will guide you.

God Bless you,