The Bible, Marriage, and Sex

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Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.


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The Bible, Marriage, and Sex

Today, we live in a sexually charged environment. Those seeking to avoid sexually suggestive material will find the task extremely challenging to say the least. Anytime we engage the world, we will be bombarded by scantily clad men and women. Turning on the television almost certainly guarantees that one will be exposed to a world obsessed with sex. Even children’s cartoons and movies are often painted with the brush of sexual innuendo. A simple trip through the local grocery store checkout line will often result in exposure to a variety of airbrushed models in very revealing apparel. Those on an outing to the beach or lake will assuredly be exposed to views of men, women and children whose attire offers less coverage than their underwear would provide. Enter into almost any professional business establishment from a medical facility to a broker’s office, and seated behind the receptionist desk will be Ms. Cleavage. Ms. Cleavage often appears to bend and lean in just the right manner to offer the very best view to the clientele. Ms. Cleavage is everywhere in today’s society and the less physically attractive she appears, the lower her dress front will be. The modern woman’s quest to “out boob” her peers has become something of a sport in a world void of modesty. Restraint is a thing of the past as more and more people have the desire to put their bodies on display for all who will ogle them. Even, the line between man and woman is often blurred as people are ever increasingly uncomfortable in their very own skin. Homosexuality and adultery are on the rise and are now embraced by a large section of society. Those wanting to lead a Biblical life often find themselves in turmoil as they struggle to embrace Biblical morals while living in an “anything goes” society. The struggle is often made even harder by high priced Pastors with unbiblical messages and hate mongers fanning the flames of contention. People on every side of sexual issues use the Bible in various ways to support their point of view, and when the Bible does not say what they want it to, then they rewrite it. These acts, combined with peer pressure, and a lack of Biblical knowledge often lead Christians into a world of confusion, conflict, and uncertainty. This series of articles examines the Biblical definition of marriage and also takes a look at the challenges that children face in this sexually charged modern world.

Biblical Marriage - This article examines exactly what constitutes Biblical marriage. The answer may surprise you.

Sex and the Children - This article uses the Bible to answer some of the sexual questions that children may have.

Homosexual Marriage - This article examines homosexual marriage from a Christian perspective.