Discovering God

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Psa 69:32 The humble shall see this, and be glad: and your heart shall live that seek God.


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Discovering God

Most people base their religion or lack thereof on the beliefs of their parents, and so the cycle goes through the generations. What if someone up the line got something wrong? What if a grandparent or great grandparent misunderstood something or was willing to make a compromise? Few people take an objective look at the religions of the world and judge what is correct for themselves. Fewer still, examine their doctrinal beliefs and compare those beliefs with what their scriptures actually say. The vast majority of people trust the words of their teacher, Preacher, Priest, Rabbi, Caliph, Imam, or Guru more than they trust their own understanding of the scriptures upon which they base their religion. This series of articles will examine different religions in a quest to find God.

Does God exist?
If God does exist, where can He be found, and what are His teachings?
This series of articles will answer these questions.

What is God? - The quest begins here with a look at many of the major religions of the world to find out what God is.

What is God's Name? - Does God require people to call Him by a particular name? If so, what is God's name?